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In the author’s own words: “In this amazing tome, there are a total of THIRTY-EIGHT effects, all using coins as their main, if not ONLY component, every single one of which can be easily done as a completely organic EDC (Every Day Carry). If you can’t put an EDC routine together from what is contained between these two covers, then you can’t put an EDC routine together at all!

“NONE of these effects require any skill! Once you have obtained what you need to do any of the effects in this amazing collection, you will be able to do them within minutes.

“And please note, I describe everything in this book using U.S. coinage, but the vast majority of it can be adapted easily to ANY currency in the world. So, pretty much no matter where you are, you can do this!

“This could easily be one of the most valuable books that you have ever added to your library. Once you take what you will learn in these pages and put it to work, you will have a critical part of your mentalism arsenal in place and ready to go, anytime, anywhere, forever!
“The book itself weighs in at 85 pages, comb bound in card covers. Thirty-eight effects, any and all of which are easily and naturally carried in your pocket or purse (Ladies, REJOICE!).”For the value given in this incredible tome, this is easily one of the biggest bargains you have ever received in mentalism.”
NEW, comb bound, 85 pages

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