Effourtless by Mark Mason(VIP)

Effourtless by Mark Mason

I have been developing this 4 coin vanishing sequence for many years. I am delighted with the final outcome.

Effourtless is really is effortless.

4 coins are held at the fingertips. One coin at a time they simply vanish into thin air. It looks just how magic should look. Super clean and visual. Each and every time the coins seem to just melt away. 4-3-2-1 GONE.

No fumbling, no weird moves. 2 beautiful coin gaffs do all the work for you.

Top-class craftsmanship.
Available in Half Dollars, Walking Liberty & Morgan Dollars.

May I congratulate you on such a clever and simple to do routine that as you say yourself “there are no moves” they are a wonderful set of gaffs and I couldn’t be happier! – Alex Pittas

Hi, Mark, I just received this today. Even without seeing a demo beforehand,
I knew i would love this. And I wasn’t wrong. I own a couple similar tricks and this is by far the easiest-peasiest handling of 4 to none I’ve EVER come across.
I know, hence the name. I’m just an average skill coin guy, but this makes one look like a true expert in the easiest way possible. I’m imagining so many uses for this set.
As always I am a true JB Magic fan. Thank you!
David Dulebohn

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