Chris Philpott’s PANTHEON (Disk1,2,3+PDF+500 JPEG)

Classic Mentalist Effects Supercharged with The 100th Monkey Principle! 

24 Effects, 3 DVDs, 12 Postcards, 9 full performances, over 500 Jpegs and a 220-page eBook! Effects for close-up and stage performance – most are easy-to-perform miracles!

“I love this! The new directions in which Chris has taken the 100th Monkey principle are brilliant. This is very strong, easy-to-do mentalism that allows the performer to concentrate on performance. While Chris respects the classic plots of mentalism, he pushes the limits and methods farther, adding another layer of mystery and making them cleaner and more direct. This is a valuable addition to any mentalist’s arsenal.”
– Banachek

“Like a breath of fresh air, this principle’s application to many of our classics makes everything new again.”
– Paul Vigil

“Chris Philpott has taken some classic mentalism plots and made them even better. Not only in method, but in the effect they have on your audiences.”
– Jon Armstrong

“This is incredible! You are crazy insane putting out all these ideas. So good”
– Ran Pink

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