Colin Mcleod – Know Sh’t

Lecture Note 2010 Know Sh * T by Colin Mcleod

Lecute Notes from Mind Reading Colin Mcleod

Bookless Test Edition
Memories …
Hot And Clean Q & A
Billet Ballet
Matter of Timing
It’s time …

Colin Mcleod:
I want to express a massive thank you to both Marc Paul and Kevin McMahon, two very good friends of mine who kindly proof read this rnanuscript at the drop of a hat, to make sure it was ready in time for MindVentlon. I’m VERY grateful for their help, as I can assure
you there were a mountain of errors in here before they took the time to study it! Not only are they two of the greatest performers in their respective fields, their knowledge of the English language is also far superior to mine.

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