Penguin LIVE By Kim Andersen(VIP)

"I love watching Kim do magic. He is one of the most inventive and skilled magicians out there. A must watch" -Andy Nyman

"Kim Andersen is an absolutely incredible magician. He has a very rare skill where he can perform very difficult sleight of hand and make it look effortless. More importantly he is engaging and very funny.
I cannot wait to watch his Penguin Live I know I will be learning a stack of hard hitting incredible material"-Craig Petty

"Kim has a rare blend of extraordinary talent, unparalleled creativity with a deep understanding for the true art of magic. All of this comes together in synergy to make Kim one of the most brilliant magicians that walks among us today. Kim Andersen is a generational rarity." -Lloyd Barnes

"I am such a huge fan of Kim Andersen and watching him destroy a crowd! His ability as a performer and creator of magic is astounding!
If you get the chance to attend a Kim Andersen lecture.. Don’t miss out, you’ll 100% leave as a better magician." -Nicholas Lawrence

"Kim’s magic checks all the boxes! Visual, practical, real world friendly and incredibly fooling. I don’t think there is a single Andersen project that is not in my working professional sets." -Adam Wilbur

"You know how magic dealers come to magic conventions, try to sell as much as they can in the few days, and then go home with boxes full of unsold stuff? Kim Andersen has a different approach. He comes with a full suitcase for a day, sells out in a few hours and spends the rest of the day collecting pre-orders for the next batch. That's how strong and practical his magic is" -Ondrej Psenicka

What will he teach?

Money for Nothing- Kim produces three Morgan Dollars one by one, only to make them vanish into thin air. Upon reflection on his haphazard approach to personal finances, he locates his problem (an inter-dimensional hole in his pocket) and tries to fix it before the space time continuum alters reality and destroys us all.

Cardnoisseur- Kim takes the age old hoax of wine tasting and adapts it for the modern day card worker. You too, can now learn how to distinguish the different nodes of freshly pressed playing cards by scent alone. But beware! It's pollen season and you might trigger an allergic reaction...

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream at Voice-controlled Playing Cards- This voice controlled deck does all the work (not really) in locating a chosen card and it's pals from a shuffled deck. When the dust settles, an improvised game of poker gives you the perfect opportunity to produce a royal straight flush. Apparently this is a good thing (Kim doesn't play poker so he wouldn't know).

The Nose Job- This is Kim's hyper visual re-capping of a pen. Snort a sharpie cap and spit it back on to the pen. Fits perfectly in your already awesome pen and cap routine. Impromptu and fun for all ages.

It's in The Bone!- After linking a finger ring on to a safety pin, the pin accidentally melts halfway through the performers finger! Panic ensues, but the ambulance is called off as the modern day warlock pulls the needle through his finger and hands out the safety pin and ring for yet another awkward examination phase. No fingers are harmed during performance.

Torn'clipped'n'restored- A squeaky clean torn and restored signed playing card with a fun and cheap method that does most of the dirty work.

Paper Bags and Wormholes- This is Kim's practical drink production from a folded up paper bag. Kim opens all of his stand up shows with this effect and the best part is, that you probably already have everything you need in a drawer in your kitchen.

Travel Schmavel- Kim takes the "Travellers" plot and makes it something they (whoever "they" are) will talk about long after you're gone (from the party). Three signed cards vanish from the deck and reappear in your cap, your back pocket and in your shoe. This is as clean as it gets.

Buns of Steel- Kim will teach you how to build the greatest gimmick you never knew you needed. Most of Kim’s professional close up material is centered around this tiny, cheap and wonderful gimmick.

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