Dee Christopher LIVE ACT

“Dee Christopher is one of the most skilled and talented mentalists that I have met throughout the last 8 years of engaging, testing, judging and watching amazing individuals perform in front of me! His look is cool, mysterious and he projects an aura of mysticism around himself and throughout his act! If you want to be mystified and astonished, I highly recommend him!” –Uri Geller

What will he teach?

In this act, Dee will share some guarded secrets from his full length show which mixes modern mysticism and mentalism flawlessly. The show is neatly tied together with a fast moving and intriguing premise, high impact effects and interactive theatrical moments throughout.

Caged Will- A ‘Free Will’ style effect with a unique method. Three precious items are locked inside an interesting looking box. One by one, each item is taken out by a participant and placed in one of their pockets. A single prediction which is surprisingly found to have been in the audience’s view from the start is revealed to accurately describe each and every action the participant takes.

Saint- A participant proves their intuitive skills in separating out photos of good people from evil people, just by looking into the eyes of the person depicted in each shot! This ingenious method for ‘Out of this world’ with photos can be applied to almost any theme and is quite possibly the cleanest version of the effect you will ever have seen.

The Bell- A unique living and dead test in which a name is revealed. No special envelopes, no markings, no moves. You will always find the ‘dead’ name amongst the living names, while they are sealed in envelopes. A simple and straightforward approach that is as fun to get away with as it is to watch. Dee shares his spirit bell presentation for this effect, but it will work just as well without the theatrics provided!

Inferno- Seeing with the fingertips. Dee somehow manages to read unseen text from Dante’s Inferno just by touching the pages with his fingertips. This demonstration culminates in his reading of a freely written word hidden in a stack of billets or business cards.

Ideomotor Coin Bend- In the penultimate routine of the show, Dee presents a method and presentation for creating a real show piece out of a simple coin bending trick. Two participants are invited upto the stage; one holds a coin in their fist and the other is handed a pendulum. Using the entire audiences participation, the pendulum begins to swing and directs their energy into the coin, which miraculously melts and bends!

Written in the Stars- A unique ‘show prediction’ that proves that fate has controlled some key moments in the show, without jeopardising the content of the act.

Each of these routines is tied to the next using a clever structure and premise. You will learn about character, your power, using props and staging, music cues, branding and much more!


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