Relentless Ring & String Routine bob miller

This brand-new DVD includes the classic Award-Winning routine re-recorded and edited in a digital format with all of these great new features and extras:

  • 3 live performances by Bob and DJ
  • All 11 moves clearly detailed and demonstrated
  • Super-close up Review track
  • Performance tips and ideas from Bob & DJ
  • 11 Extra Moves submitted by magicians from around the world
  • 2 Bonus Restaurant/Walk-Around Routines that are favorites of Bob & DJ
  • 25 min. discussion about working restaurants
  • Live web links to additional resources


One thought on “Relentless Ring & String Routine bob miller”

  1. For those wondering how to play the DAT file. VLC will play this, just use ‘Open with …’ option in file explorer and then select VLC. You can also just rename the file to *.mp4 and then double click on the file as you normally do when trying to play a file.

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