ESP-Ectation by Rizki Nanda

The performer shows a single face-down card, which is placed inside an envelope and left in full view. The performer then takes a packet of five face-down cards and shows them one – each one showing one of the five standard ESP symbols, (circle, cross, wavy lines, square and star), and lays them in a row on the table. After mixing them around to prove they are not in any particular order, the spectator is invited to think of any one.

The performer then asks the spectator to tell everyone which shape they merely thought of, for instance the star. The other shapes are gathered up stowed away and the star is left on the table. The envelope that has been on full view is the turned over and the card inside slid out. Once turned over, it proves to be a 100% match of the shape the spectator freely thought of.

With very fair conditions, ESP-ectation delivers a sure-fire, easy to perform and seemingly impossible mentalism routine – perfect for strolling magic, table-hopping and mix-and-mingle.

  • One, and only one card is placed in the envelope
  • No forcing of any kind
  • Learn in minutes
  • No reset required
  • Different outcome every time

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