Fiber Optics by Richard Sanders

Fiber Optics by Richard Sanders - DVD

A 16 phase eye-popping rope routine with over 22 killer moves to choose from!

Never cut your rope again! Dust off your ropes and fast forward into the future with Richard Sanders’ eye-popping, mind-crunching multi-phase rope routine. Learn the amazing NEW super visual moves that amazed magicians during Richard’s lectures at FISM 2003. Fiber Optics is a 16 phase rope routine packed with NEW super visual moves designed to thoroughly amaze

Featured moves:

Throw Restoration: 2 pieces of rope restore as they are tossed out!
The Ends Switch: Switch the rope ends secretly!
Finger Cut: Visually cut the rope with your fingers!
Drop Restoration: Drop 2 pieces of rope and watch the cut visibly restore!
Ends Across: The ends of the rope jump visibly from hand to hand!
Super Slide: The ends visually slide down the length of rope to the other side!
Gravity Pull: The ends fall off of the rope!
Endless Loop: The ends vanish from the rope leaving an endless loop!
Pop Endz: Pop the ends back onto the rope and hand it out for examination!
Static Cling: The 2 ends of the rope visibly restore leaving an endless loop!
Clip Link: The ends of the rope visibly link back onto the rope!
Gravity Link: The ends of the rope literally fall onto the rope … leaving it restored!
Toss Link: The ends of the rope are tossed onto the endless loop and all is normal!
Lickety-Split Ends Switch: The cleanest, fastest and most indetectible ends switch!
Midair Morph: A visual midair rope restoration that literally fools the brain!
Ends Away: Pluck the ends to and from the rope at will… completely amazing!
Loop Swoop: Watch the ends literally jump back onto the rope!
Air Toss: The ends link back onto the rope in midair!
Opposite Ends: The ends change places with the middle of the rope…visually!
Middle Melt: The middle is plucked from the rope and then restored!
And much much more!

Fiber Optics by Richard Sanders

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