Fiber Optics Extended by Richard Sanders

Fiber Optics Extended - magic

You know, rope magic is an interesting genre. It gets a great reaction from laypeople, but there has never been one clear source to learn routines. Daryl put out about five video volumes on rope magic, and Aldo Colombini has released at least that many. But rope magic isn’t like card magic; WE DON’T NEED THAT MUCH INFORMATION. What we need is one professional routine with a dramatic build—something short, punchy, and visual. Enter Richard Sanders with “Fiber Optics.”

Buy this DVD and a length of rope, and two hours later you’ll have a rope routine you can work into your go-to piece. Do it to music on a big stage or present it walk-around. The point is, he has taken ALL the best sequences from other routines and added some original bits. This is THE way to do cut and restored, Professor’s Nightmare, and everything else you need with a rope.

Fiber Optics Extended by Richard Sanders

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