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Lewis Le Val – Praecantrix

Praecantrix by Lewis Le Val (Digital Version) – e-Mentalism

“Praecantrix contains some of the strongest material I have ever performed, and I can not be held responsible for the misuse of its contents. While the core concepts are completely harmless, some of the presentations within could potentially be emotionally or psychologically damaging for certain participants if used incorrectly. Use this material wisely and reap the rewards of these incredibly engaging pieces of performance art. Click the button below to download instantly and install real power into your act.” – Lewis Le Val

“I read a lot of impressive collections of material, but I always look forward to downloading the latest thoughts from Lé Val; We talk daily and discuss many ideas, so I’m excited to see the best concepts from the last few years coming to fruition in this publication. You will not be disappointed, there’s very few pieces from other artists that I would consider putting in my act, but “The Gypsy” is a true MASTERPIECE. I whole heartedly recommend this, incredible work from LLV.” – Dee Christopher

“The Reader is now my prefered full billet peek. It’s so clean! I will use it for life!” – Jose Prager

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