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Make money magically multiple before your eyes!


A small black case holds your money paddle and features a small compartment holding your supplied bands. You will also need a bill of any value and 6 coins: 2 pennies, 2 nickels, and 2 dimes.


Take a bill of any denomination and fold it in half back against itself, then fold it in half from side to side. Once more fold in half from side to side and press it flat along the folds. Place this bill on the paddle covering the mirrors, and then slip three of the special bands supplied into position. Next, on top of the bill, position the penny under the band farthest from the handle, then the nickel under the center band, and the dime under the band closest to the handle. Note: The remaining 3 coins are in your pocket.

Size : 64 MB
Link : NFO
Download : UPLOADGiG

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