Michael Boden – Sleightly Easy Coins To Box – VIP

Sleightly Easy Coins To Box is an effect that appeals to both amateur and professional.
Three coins magically travel one at a time, from inside of your closed fist to inside of an empty closed card box that has been laying on the table. Experience how easy sleights and directness of method can look so magical!
Sleightly Easy Coins To Box is now ready for sharing with the magic community, as Michael Boden’s way of giving back to the art and to the influential couple that first shared their magic with him on The Magic Land Of Alakazam: Mark and Nani Wilson.
Sleightly Easy Coins To Box uses 3 regular coins and an empty cardbox, giving your coins to purse routine a run for its money. Using a cardbox instead of a coin purse not only opens up new possibilities for methods, but it also keeps a more familiar object, (a card box) in play, so that when the effect is over the spectators gives the magician full unexplainable credit for the effect.
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