Richard Osterlind Penguin LIVE 2 Pocket Mentalism

Richard’s first appearance at Penguin LIVE was a three-and-a-half hour, five-star, knockout performance with rave reviews and now he’s back for more!

As you already know, Richard is truly an encyclopedia of mentalism and you never know what he will do next.

He has so much material, it’s hard for him to narrow it down and pack it all into just one lecture. So we asked him to come up with a few of his favorite things that don’t require too much work and are not hard to make, yet still have incredible impact.

Here are just a few of the routines he plans to perform and teach:

  • Numero Uno
  • Azonic Force
  • Marked Thought
  • Magic Vs. Mindreading
  • Clip Line
  • Tervil
  • The Abnormal Lift
  • 40,000 Words
  • Work with a stacked deck
  • Work with a corner short
  • A New routine for the Osterlind ESP Card System
  • A Bert Reese routine
  • Spoon bending tips
  • And much, much more!


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