Steve Fearson – Devil Coin Vanish

Devil Coin Vanish :, Magic Tricks and Levitation ...

I’ve got a new discovery to share with you..  There’s been a video floating around the net that has all the best coin magicians scratching their heads. It’s a video of a coin vanish that simply can’t be explained.

A guy clearly and cleanly vanishes a coin with his sleeves pulled back and it’s as fair as fair can be.

It’s so clean in fact that most of us had decided it had to be trick photography. Some kind of camera edit perhaps.

I had to find out for myself so I contacted the guy. He goes only by the name Coin Devil.

He agreed to let me market his effect through this web site under the condition that his identity would not be revealed.

To ensure this, his voice has been altered in the video and his face is obscured.


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