Whispering Die by Richard Osterlind

RICHARD OSTERLIND’S WHISPERING DIE MENTALISM EFFECT THIS IS AN AWESOME MENTALISM EFFECT THAT IS BRAND NEW. IT WAS PURCHASED FOR MY CORPORATE WALK AROUND SHOWS, BUT HAS NEVER BEEN USED. Osterlind Mysteries presents the newest addition to its HEIRLOOM line…and possibly the greatest pocket mental effect of all time. This is the effect Richard Osterlind has been carrying with him and using for over 40 years! It is one of the most baffling and mind-blowing pocket mental effects you will ever use. Here’s what happens:A spectator puts a regulation casino die into a small wooden box and notes the number on top.

The lid is closed and he verifies there is NO WAY to see the number. The performer takes the box and shakes it near his ear. He then names the number! This is repeated a second time with absolutely no clue as to the working. For the third time, the spectator puts a rubber band around the box and shakes the box himself! Still, the performer names the number!And now for the best part — this apparatus has been completely re-designed by Richard Osterlind and then hand-crafted to his specifications by our master woodworker to perfection! The wood is a beautifully stained walnut which is then worked to a lustrous finish. The hinges are also completely hand-made of solid brushed brass and fastened to the box with brass screws


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