Zodiac Age Guess presented by Tori Noquez

ZAG: Zodiac Age Guess presented by Tori Noquez

“It is surprising and very entertaining, and in the right hands can seem Miraculous. Plus it’s loads of fun and priced right.” – Marc Salem

“Zag is a wonderful tool to guess the spectator age. It’ easy for the magician as well as the spectator. And if you combine this tool with other principles you have a killer effect without elements at all” – Manuel Llaser

“I’m always up for propless mentalism. Great icebreaker for casual environments. Im adding this one to my arsenal!” – Reynold Alexander

“Zag is a deceptive ‘mathematical’ mentalism piece that is within anyone’s grasp – even mine! The simplicity of the cleverly thought out method matched with a logical presentational connection to the zodiac and numerology makes this an extremely useful tool to have in your propless arsenal.”

Zodiac Age Guess is a strong piece of propless mentalism where you predict someone’s age using just their zodiac sign. Tori’s brilliant presentation hides a devilishly easy mathematical principle that is so easy a 5th grader could do it.

Here’s what happens. A spectator tells you their zodiac sign and then does a few simple calculations. From that result they tell you a single number that allows you to tell them their exact age. No need to write anything down or do complex equations in your head. It’s that straight forward.

Zodiac Age Guess isn’t just a great mystery, it’s a secret you’ll never forget. Once you learn this effect you’ll always have some excellent magic to perform even when you don’t have any props. Included with this download is a PDF that also gives you some simple tips so that you can turn this trick into a zodiac reading.

Zodiac Age Guess presented by Tori Noquez

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